U.S. Says Canada Will Not Have A Say in the TPP

At a stakeholder meeting yesterday, the U.S. Trade Representative indicated that Canada would not have a voice in negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership. The USTR has adopted the position that late entrants such as Canada, Japan, and Mexico will have to take the agreement “as is”, potentially including copyright term extension and a rejection of some of the Bill C-11 provisions.

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  1. Take it or Leave it?
    Certainly makes the decision process on the TPP quicker. So, now we would have to negotiate trade agreements with each of the preferred, moderate countries one by one, instead of all together? I’m OK with that – we’d probably end up with better, more-resonant deals, anyway.

  2. Have it our way …
    Do they at least get Fries with that?

  3. “Coalition of the willing”
    Looks like ACTA was just a dry run. Ratchet it up a couple more notches and try again with a smaller and “more willing” group?

  4. And…
    what do the other TPP “early entrants” parties have to say? The USTR can huff and beat its chest all it wants if the other “early entrants” parties are willing to allow the “late entries” to have a voice, especially if there is no actual agreement.

  5. A partnership where one partner tells the other that they’re gonna take what they get and aren’t allowed to have an opinion. Funny, where I come from we call that an *abusive* partnership.