Wealth Destroyers and End Game for the Copyright Modernization Act

Dwayne Winseck examines many of the copyright maximalist claims and doesn’t pull any punches:

The biggest problem with all of this is not the underlying faulty economics and total absence of meaningful evidence, but rather the complete bankruptcy of the lawyers and lobbyists peddling the case. They appear to have no moral compass when it comes to these matters and would just as easily turn ISPs, search engines and social networking sites into online gatekeepers working in their behalf as they’d toss their grandmothers overboard if she hacked a digital lock.

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  1. They’re not bankrupt at all, they’re paid very well for what they’re doing.

  2. Remember, these are folks that are paid by their clients to represent them to the best of their abilities, even if they don’t believe in what the client is doing.

    To call them morally bankrupt in this situation, or in the situation where public opinion is against their clients, is to call a defence lawyer morally bankrupt for trying to get an acquittal for a defendant in a criminal trial if they believe, or the public believes, they are guilty.

  3. One doesn’t become a lawyer if they wish to have morals. LOL

  4. Well…a defense lawyer to be specific.