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Canada’s Digital Economy Strategy: The E-commerce Targets Revealed

The government posted its Reports on Plans and Priorities for dozens of departments and agencies yesterday. The Industry Canada report makes for interesting reading as there is a section on the still missing Digital Economy Strategy that includes targets for e-commerce buying and selling in Canada. The department states:

Industry Canada will continue to implement measures in support of the Digital Economy Strategy to accelerate adoption of digital technologies, promote trust and confidence in the online marketplace and foster a globally competitive ICT sector based on a modern legislative framework, a robust digital infrastructure and a digitally skilled workforce.

Leaving aside the fact that there is no digital economy strategy – or at least the government has still not released the long overdue document – the report also includes a target to determine whether the Canadian online economy is “governed by an effective policy and regulatory framework.” The government’s performance indicator is the percentage of Canadians buying and selling online, with the targets set at 43% of Canadians buying and 15% selling.

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Bill C-30 Isn’t Dead Yet: Public Safety Allocates Millions for Lawful Access

The Public Safety Report on Plans and Priorities for the coming year include a commitment to advance lawful access legislation and an allocation of $2.1 million specifically earmarked for the issue.

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Copyright Board to Survey Stakeholders on Satisfaction

The Copyright Board of Canada plans to survey stakeholders to measure their satisfaction.  The Board has set an initial satisfaction target rate of 70 percent.

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Open Medicine At Five Years

The team at Open Medicine, a peer-reviewed Canadian open access medical journal, has an editorial on the first five years of the journal, reflecting on an experience that demonstrates the potential and challenges of open access publishing.

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