Bill C-30 Isn’t Dead Yet: Public Safety Allocates Millions for Lawful Access

The Public Safety Report on Plans and Priorities for the coming year include a commitment to advance lawful access legislation and an allocation of $2.1 million specifically earmarked for the issue.


  1. Larry R. says:

    Ha! I nearly sprayed coffee through my nose! 2.1 million? More like at least 2.1 billion.

    I think the Canadian public’s contempt for this one has been vastly underestimated by our illegitimate king, and his vassals. There aren’t a lot of things I’m willing to stand up against but this makes the list.

  2. What a joke.

  3. Dwight Williams says:

    I suspect the implication is that the HarperGov people are convinced that the bulk of the expense for this surveillance scheme can be dumped on our ISPs and their subscribers/members.

  4. How does this follow what I read in the Globe and Mail article found here:

    Is the article accurate or is it far from reality?

  5. Toews bill no surprise
    I was raised in a totalitarian country and could smell a totalitarian rat even before this government got their majority. Harper’s, Flaherty’s, Toews’ and many of this government cabinet ministers’s as well as of unelected, unaccountable advisors’ past speaks for itself. Just google it. The Toews’ on-line spying bill is no surprise and is quite in line with this government’s proscriptive Reformer/Alliance policies. They do not know how to govern democratically but, come hell or high water, they will rule, even in your own house.