Is Lawful Access Dead? Not Yet.

The Globe’s John Ibbitson has a column that confirms much of the private speculation about lawful access, namely that the bill is going nowhere so long as Vic Toews remains public safety minister. This is consistent with the prevailing view that Toews is so closely associated with the worst of the bill – warrantless disclosure of subscriber information, new surveillance technologies, and divisive us vs. them framing – that a change will be needed for the bill to come back. Ibbitson focuses on the likelihood of Parliament proroging before the bill is revamped and returns, yet speculating on those issues is always difficult.  What is certain is that lawful access will return at some point, meaning Canadians will need to remain vigilant to ensure that any future bill addresses the myriad of concerns associated with Bill C-30.


  1. Bytowner says:

    We won’t forget.

  2. Alright they got their stupid C-11 almost passed what they want and Crime bill ok.. but they seriously can’t fucking try to keep this bill alive and yes we deafintly won’t forget and hopefully 135,000 that already signed petition will be even more when this bill comes back. ENOUGH ALREADY CONS THIS IS OUR INTERNET GOVERNMENT LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!!!