ICANN Releases List of New TLD Applications

ICANN has released the list of nearly two thousand new top-level-domain applications.  Canadian applications include the Canadian Real Estate Association applying for .mls, Rogers applying for .chatr, .rogers. and .fido, and a new group seeking .quebec.  


  1. David Singer says:

    Some other Canadian applications
    Merchant Law Group, represent! Applications for: .app, .art, .blog, .club, .home, .law, .love, and .news, most of which seem to be popular choices.

    … and Vox Populi Registry for .sucks

  2. @David: Don’t forget the .you one 🙂

  3. city / country / place name applications
    I’m surprised about the “.quebec” application, I don’t think they did their research on that one. You don’t see any other cities/countries/place name applications other than from the government itself. I suspect that is because they could just take it at anytime in an appeal 🙂

    Also surprised they didn’t use the french character set: .Québec

  4. Susila Bryant says:

    PRA Delicensee
    With regard to the CREA application for mls, I fully support Organized Real Estate in Canada. Have you ever tried to buy and sell property in England? It’s a prime example, from a Canadian perspective, of DIS-Organized Real Estate. Firstly, so called “Estate Agents” have no licenses, and have not to have read Law of Contract or pass examinations such as those in the UBC Pre-Licensing programs. Secondly, they simply only need to be between the ages of 19 and 32, look good in a navy blue suit, and have smart shoes in order to be hired by an estate agency. Thirdly, they get paid just for looking that way and turning up for work, whether they sell any property or not. Fourthly, these un-licensed salaried “estate agents” have no Real Estate Council or Real Estate Services Act to contend with in order to stay on the straight and narrow. Fifthly, they do nothing to protect the homeowner or consumer buyer from hours and hours of lost time. They do not accompany prospective buyers to your property if it is “listed” with them to any showings. They simply send unqualified strangers round to the vulnerable sellers’ homes with a list given them by the “Estate Agency” of properties on the market.
    To make matters worse, the Contracts of Purchase and Sale come at the END Of The Ordeal of a Transaction, during which on the way thereto any of the parties can simply walk away from the agreement at any time, right up until the “Exchange of Contracts”.
    And if you are a buyer there, and you do legitimately want to have your deposit refunded to you, you have to pay a solicitor to get your deposit back, even though your offer was not firm and binding!
    So, again, with regard to the CREA application concerning the MLS, if it helps to retain Organized Real Estate with its inherent protections for both buyers and sellers, more power to it!

  5. Dot Eco
    Canada based app with over 50 environmental groups behind it.

  6. Richard Sexton says:

    “You don’t see any other cities/countries/place name applications other than from the government itself.”

    Sure you do, there’s lots. .nyc is the most obvious example.

    There’s other Canadian tlds, but they’re done in conjunction or through US companies and are non-obvious.

    Keep in mind the new tld industry was pretty much invented in Canada.