Eviscerated or Not: Katz on Access Copyright

Ariel Katz has a must-read post on the implications of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decisions for Access Copyright. The post notes that though Barry Sookman and Access Copyright have tried to minimize the importance of the decisions and suggested that it only applies to a small amount of copying, it was Sookman who claimed in a submission to the court that “this is a critically important case to the long-term health of Canadian publishing in the educational sector. The Proposed Interveners believe that the precedent established in this case will extend to activities well beyond the K-12 educational setting.”


  1. Barry Sookman says:

    Michael, I agree Ariel’s blog is a must read blog for the reasons I explain in my blog @

  2. Open source textbooks just got a big boost in the USA

    Canada is not the USA, we have our own culture, history (just look at the war of 1812 interpretations) but in some instances, notably the hard sciences, an open source affordable alternative is most welcome. The cost savings are obvious and as they are being funded by the government the authors are either being paid or freely contributing to the work.

    Will this work in all cases? Obviously no, but good to see some goo progress in cases where it does.

  3. non Freudian slip