Canadian Library Association on Access Copyright Lawsuit

The Canadian Library Association issued a statement late last week on the Access Copyright lawsuit filed against York University, urging it to abandon the lawsuit and pointing to several legal concerns.

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  1. Thomas Darcy Welch says:

    Confidence Man; a personal Manuscript.
    It is blatnly apparent that not only was my manuscript illgeally accessed om or about Oct 2001, That the electronic molestatin lasted intil March 2002, in where shaw cable co, under the direction of CSIS had elaborate srvailence equipt in where thay recorded both audia and viedo for 90 min.
    Futhermore my manuscript was then shared with a neihabouring nation under reauthored Doc title WI-9 on or about Oct. 23 2001. In which porivision were incorporated into the Authoring of the PATRIOT ACT, Signed into Law on Oct. 28th 2001. Moverover my work had then used a the fundamental foundation for admendments in both US, & Can Copyright Acts. As well as Provisions in the Rinancial-Anti-Terrorism Act, which had been incoporated from the Tittle III in H.R. 3004, in which becam Public Law # 107-56 {GOP; Text and PDF}. Which later rose the WTO in 2006.