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Telus Flip-Flopping Continues With Latest Lawsuit as Company Changes Its Tune Yet Again

Telus’ decision to file a lawsuit against the federal government over its spectrum transfer rules continues a trend of flip-flopping on policy issues at the company. What does Telus think of the government’s wireless policies?  Apparently it depends when you ask. For example, in March 2012, Telus said the following about the spectrum auction approach:

TELUS believes this is a thoughtful and balanced decision that meets the Government’s objectives of promoting consumer choice, supporting sustainable competition through investment in technology and further expanding broadband services in rural markets.

Sixteen months (and the possibility of a Verizon entry) later, CEO Darren Entwistle now says:

There’s going to be a bloodbath, because people are not going to give up on getting that block. So it’s going to be prohibitively expensive and suck a lot of money out of the industry – money that won’t go to infrastructure and technology, money that won’t go into rural coverage or support lower prices.

There is similar change of tune with the latest lawsuit.

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