Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking – 2017-18

I regularly speak at a wide range of conferences and events on issues related to technology, the Internet, law and policy. Recent keynote addresses have focused on privacy, social media, copyright, education, security, and the free speech on the Internet. All talks are customized to the audience with materials and video that can be distributed to attendees or posted online.

The video section of this site features links to many talks posted online. To discuss an event and potential speaking opportunities, contact me directly.

Current topics include:

1. Using Law Responsibly: What Happens When Law Meets Technology?

The law has long struggled to keep pace with the rapid change that comes with the Internet and new technologies. From the cross-border challenges posed by a global network to the privacy implications of big data, law and policy simply cannot move at “Internet speed.” Yet despite the difficulties, politicians and policy makers increasingly find themselves at the heart of emerging policy issues, asked to address the balance between privacy and surveillance, the competing copyright interests of creators and users, and the market structure for network providers and disruptive competitors. This keynote talk will explore the emerging law and policy challenges, highlighting how all Internet users have the opportunity to help shape the digital policy landscape.

2. The Dynamic Environment for Digital Privacy in Canada

As the public becomes increasingly reliant upon digital networks for everything from basic communication to commerce to culture, the privacy implications of the network become increasingly challenging. Big data cross-border transfers, algorithmic transparency, surveillance fears, security breaches, and data mining attract daily headlines as we struggle to identify an appropriate balance between leveraging data for new and innovative activities with the privacy risks associated with use and misuse of our personal information. Can real privacy exist in today’s networked world? This keynote will examine the dynamic environment for digital privacy in Canada, highlighting emerging policy challenges, ever-changing technologies, and the effort to craft online tools and services that offer both privacy and security.

3. Digital Trade: The Future of Canadian Trade Deals from NAFTA to the TPP

The intellectual property and new digital trade chapters of NAFTA are emerging as among the most contentious aspects of its renegotiation.  For decades, consumers, advocates and technology companies have been stuck in a defensive posture, criticizing more restrictive trade provisions and efforts to impose domestic reforms through trade negotiations. In recent years, however, these groups have been increasingly effective at promoting a positive agenda, including obligations to promote copyright “balance” and protect user rights that underpin the Internet ecosystem. This keynote will assess the Canadian opportunities in a global digital environment, examining the IP and digital trade rules emerging from global trade agreements such as NAFTA and the TPP.

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