Design 2019 2018 To Reach New Year Happy New Year by Mohamed Hassan (CC0)

Design 2019 2018 To Reach New Year Happy New Year by Mohamed Hassan (CC0)


Looking Back at 2018: My Top Ten Posts

With 2019 nearly upon us, many sites are taking a moment to reflect back on the past year and the posts and issues that attracted the most attention. On my site, the top issues are easy to spot: the Bell coalition website blocking proposal, wireless costs, copyright reform, and digital trade dominate the top ten. My top ten new posts published in 2018:

  1. Thousands Slam Bell Coalition’s Website Blocking Proposal in Submissions to the CRTC
  2. World’s Worst Wireless Pricing?: Report Finds Canadian Wireless Broadband Pricing Offers Least Bang for the Buck in Developed World
  3. From Copyright Term to Super Bowl Commercials: Breaking Down the Digital NAFTA Deal
  4. The State of Canadian Wireless in One Chart: No One Has Carriers That Generate More Revenue With Less Usage
  5. Canadian Government Banning Settlement Demands in Copyright Notice-and-Notice System
  6. Bell to Employees: Click Here To Support Our Website Blocking Proposal at the CRTC
  7. Regulate Everything: The CRTC Goes All-In on Internet Taxation and Regulation
  8. Fair Play for FairPlay?: Bell Presented Its Site Blocking Plan to the CRTC Months Before It Became Public
  9. Canada’s SOPA Moment: Why the CRTC Should Reject the Bell Coalition’s Dangerous Internet Blocking Plan
  10. Canada’s Tough Anti-Piracy Copyright Law: Federal Court Awards Millions in Damages Against Unauthorized Streaming Site

Just outside the top ten was a post from the misleading on fair dealing series and one that made the case that Canadian privacy law is in need of an update.

It was an exceptionally busy year and with the broadcast and telecom review, the copyright review report, implementation of the USCMA, and a federal election, 2019 is sure to be just as active. Happy new year to all and thanks for reading!


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