COVID Alert App by Michael Geist (CC BY 2.5 CA)

COVID Alert App by Michael Geist (CC BY 2.5 CA)


What You Need to Know About the COVID Alert App

I was very pleased to participate together with CBC’s Adrian Harewood in a public event last night sponsored by the Toronto Public Library on the COVID Alert App. Over the course of 90 minutes, we addressed the background that led to the app, answered questions about concerns, and explained why Canadians should feel comfortable downloading it. The full session is embedded below.


  1. Since installing the COVID app, I have been having spurious Bluetooth disconnects. I am not 100% sure that the app is the culprit, but the timing checks out.

    Has anyone else noticed such issues?

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  3. It is very pleasing that we have such notifications. My classmates and I have already received notifications, so I hope this will help withstand the pandemic. This is another reason to love the Toronto Public Library.