GuilbeaultSteven-2 by michael_swan (CC BY-ND 2.0)

GuilbeaultSteven-2 by michael_swan (CC BY-ND 2.0)


The Guilbeault Interview

If Bill C-10 isn’t a fireable offence, this interview should be. Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault is simply unable to respond coherently to basic questions about his own legislation and flailing for talking points that seek to blame tech companies or opposition parties for the fact that he introduced legislation that exempted user generated content, removed the exception, and has no answer for why. Watch the interview and decide whether Canadians can trust Guilbeault to defend freedom of expression online.


  1. Bill C 10 is built on lies, fear-mongering and illogic.

    Lies range from (1) Canadian content is not discoverable – it’s easy to find if you want to (2) to content regulations are about telling Canadian stories. Content is deemed Canadian based on the positions held by Canadians and the percentage of the budget spent in Canada. The story, the nationality of the characters, and the setting are not considered in deciding if a show is deemed Canadian content.

    The government claims Bill C 10 is needed because Canadian cultural sovereignty is threatened by foreign (American) content. This claim has been made for over 100 years and is nothing more than fear-mongering. Our culture has thrived even though Canadians primarily watch American movies and TV shows.

    Where is the logic in the government needs to restrict free speech because tech giants are bad. There isn’t any, but it makes it easier to gain support for terrible legislation by vilifying the target of the legislation.

    Steven Guilbeault needs to be fired and Bill C 10 needs to be scraped.

  2. Sok Puppette says:

    He HAS an answer for why. He just can’t ADMIT to his answer for why. Tough job.

  3. Man, even the CBC interviewer is sitting there, perplexed as to what the Minister is even talking about. He took at least three kicks at the can on a simple question and couldn’t get anything other than sputtering and deflection.

    I mean, the Conservative party has a lot of faults (so many, that I would never support them in a million years), but this legislation is entirely self-inflicted. The Liberal party pushed for this, the Liberal Party endorsed this, and the Liberal party is trying to pass this.

    Further, it’s not misinformation if you are discussing the actual text of the bill. All the Minister was asked was what he thought about the removing of a section. There is no, “I heard X” or “person Y said Z”, it’s “This section of the bill was removed through an amendment, tell us more.”

  4. Justa Reeder says:

    That was painful. He can’t explain why the exclusion was there, why it was removed, or what he’s trying to do. “Paying their fair share”, this isn’t a tax bill. He seems completely baffled by the criticisms, seeming to say they don’t fit the intent at all — good, so rewrite. At this point, I’m not even clear on what the good intent is supposed to be. Either communicate effectively, or learn from the Americans how to deliver talking-point lies calmly with a reassuring smile.

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  7. T-t-t-today junior! But no seriously, this was an eye-opening interview to the small mind of a small cowardly man willing to sell Canadians up the river to buy the CRTC’s favour.

    I am a human being before I am a Canadian and it should be MY RESPONSIBILITY and my CHOICE whether or not I engage with and consume Canadian media. To all those Canadian musicians etc, I am going to purposefully snub and work with foreign artists and musicians in the future. I am a video game developer and we commission a lot of artists and musicians, the fact so many of our artists support restricting free speech means I will never again support a Canadian artist so long as Bill C-10 lives.

  8. Scot Jones says:

    Canadian content. In such great demand it has to be mandated by the Federal government.

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