Pablo Rodriguez Twitter, February 2, 2022,

Pablo Rodriguez Twitter, February 2, 2022,


The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 116: Is This Podcast a Program Subject to CRTC Regulation Under Bill C-11?

The government’s Internet regulation plans were back on the agenda last week as a “what we heard report” was released on online harms and Bill C-11 – the sequel to last year’s controversial Bill C-10 – was introduced by Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez. The Law Bytes podcast will devote several episodes to the bill in the coming months. For this week, however, rather than inviting a guest to discuss a bill that people are still assessing, I appear solo and walk through the bill’s provisions involving user generated content. The podcast also highlights several ongoing concerns involving the near-unlimited jurisdictional scope of the bill, the considerable uncertainty for all stakeholders, the misplaced trust in the CRTC, and the weak evidentiary case for the bill.

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Show Notes:

Bill C-11, The Online Streaming Act


Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez Discusses Government’s Online Streaming Bill, February 2, 2022


  1. Where do we live? Is this East Germany where the Stasi kept a file on almost every citizen for crimes against the state. What is hate speech? How it is defined by the government?

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