Red 10 by Darwin Bell CC BY-NC 2.0

Red 10 by Darwin Bell CC BY-NC 2.0


The Year in Review: Top Ten Posts

Last week’s Law Bytes podcast features a look at the year in review along with some guesses at what lies ahead. Before wrapping up for the year, the next three posts will highlight the most popular posts, podcast episodes, and Substacks of the past year. Today’s post starts with the top posts, which starts with a recent look at Bill S-210 and potential age verification and site blocking on the Internet. With the exception of an examination of Bill C-27’s AI regulations, the remaining posts all involve online news and Bill C-18.

1. The Most Dangerous Canadian Internet Bill You’ve Never Heard Of Is a Step Closer to Becoming Law, December 14, 2023

2. The Lose-Lose-Lose-Lose Bill C-18 Outcome: Meta Blocking News Links on Facebook and Instagram in Canada, August 2, 2023

3. What the CRTC’s New Registration Requirements Mean for Regulating Everything from Online News Services to Podcast Providers, October 2, 2023

4. Canada Plans to Regulate Search and Social Media Use of Artificial Intelligence for Content Moderation and Discoverability, October 5, 2023

5. Limiting Public Participation: Why No One Should Be Surprised at the CRTC’s Internet Services Registration Requirement Ruling, October 4, 2023

6. A 4% Link Tax: Why the Government’s Draft Bill C-18 Regulations Just Increased the Chances of No News on Meta and Google in Canada, September 1, 2023

7. Trudeau Likens Bill C-18 Battle To World War Two Fight for Democracy as Government Suspends Meta Advertising (But Not Liberal Party Ads), July 6, 2023

8. Why Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge Doesn’t Seem to Understand How Bill C-18 Works, August 28, 2023

9. Caving on Bill C-18: Government Outlines Planned Regulations that Signal Willingness to Cast Aside Core Principles of the Online News Act, July 10, 2023

10. Bill C-18 Bailout: Government Announces Plans to Pay For 35% of Journalist Costs for News Outlets as It More Than Doubles Tax Credit Per Employee, November 21, 2023


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