spotify musique mp3 by CC BY 2.0

spotify musique mp3 by CC BY 2.0


The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 208: Will Page on Why the CRTC’s Bill C-11 Ruling is Discriminatory and May Ultimately Hurt the Canadian Music Market

The recent CRTC Bill C-11 decision mandating that streaming services pay 5 percent of their revenues has left seemingly everyone unhappy and has sparked multiple legal challenges.  While much of the focus has been on video streaming, music was a core part of Bill C-11 and the implications for music streaming services may be the most pronounced. Will Page is the perfect person to unpack these issues. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book Tarzan Economics, the former Chief Economist of Spotify and PRS for Music, the co-host the Bubble Trouble podcast and a regular contributor to BBC, Financial Times, and The Economist. He joins the Law Bytes podcast to provide new data on what the CRTC’s numbers mean and why the decision could ultimately move the Canadian market backwards rather than forward. 

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Show Notes:

Will Page, Equitable Remuneration: Policy Options and their Unitended Consequences

Will Page, Laying a Foundation for Success: Canada’s Online Streaming Act


CBC News: The National, June 4, 2024


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  2. Fortinbras says:

    Canadian content quotas on radio have been a great success for the Canadian music industry. The Online Streaming Act aimed to reproduce this success on the Internet and the CRTC is planning a modest 5% contribution from online music streaming services in recognition of the revenues these services are taking out of Canada. It’s not surprising that the former chief economist of Spotify is opposed to this measure. Contrary to what Michael Geist says, there has been no critical acclamation of Tarzan Economics. This is not surprising since it is essentially a how-to book, part personal memoir, part business advice, on how to be a successful entrepreneur in the music world and take advantage of the creative elements in the music business. There are no cultural or social goals in Will Page’s world view, nor in Michael Geist’s…

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