How Does Canada’s Digital Music Market Really Stack Up?

CRIA's Graham Henderson has posted an op-ed in the Georgia Straight in which he repeats many of his comments from an earlier copyright consultation roundtable. Henderson points to U.S. sales and new services Europe such as Spotify and Nokia's Comes With Music to support his claim is that Canada is […]

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Canadian Student Groups Speak Out on Copyright

Canada's two major post-secondary student groups have both filed their comments on the copyright consultation. Both focus on many of the same issues. The Canadian Federation of Students' submission is now posted on the consultation website and it calls for: expanded fair dealing rejection of the Internet exception for education […]

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Music Groups Gearing Up As Part of Copyright Consultation

With only 24 days left in the copyright consultation, several Canadian music associations and groups are urging their members to become more active in the consultation.  The Canadian Private Copying Collective, which administers the private copying levy, is using a recently launched site to urge rights holders to submit […]

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Tracking the Copyright Consultation Submissions: July 31 – August 9, 2009

As promised, I will continue to update the key points found in the hundreds of submissions received by the government as part of the copyright consultation.  The July 20 – 24th summary was posted here, July 25 – 30th here.  This chart bring the data up to August 9th, though […]

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Tracking the Copyright Consultation Roundtables: Fair Dealing Emerges As Top Issue

The copyright consultation roundtables have now passed the midway point with five completed (there may be as many as four still to go – Edmonton, Quebec City, and Toronto are confirmed, Peterborough is also apparently on the list).  With many of Canada's big copyright groups having already appeared, it is worth taking stock of where things stand. 

While there have been many issues raised – everything from ending crown copyright to reforms to photographer provisions – four in particular have dominated.  First, there has been more support for extending fair dealing than any other issue.  Over 20 participants have cited the need for expanding fair dealing, most calling for a much broader approach.  There have been just a handful of opponents to this approach, primarily from the publishing and copyright collectives.

Second, the need to implement the WIPO Internet treaties has been raised repeatedly.  Of course, WIPO implementation on its own doesn't say much – the key question is whether to adopt a C-61 style approach or a more flexible C-60-like approach on the anti-circumvention provisions.  Thus far, there has been more support for linking anti-circumvention legislation to actual copyright infringement than for the C-61 DMCA-style model.

Third, there has been a steady stream of support for new levies and fees to compensate online copying.  This has taken the form of an ISP levy for legalized P2P, an expanded private copying levy, or broader collective licencing schemes.  This support derives primarily from the collectives and some artists groups.

Fourth, the role of intermediaries has come up frequently.  ISPs and consumer groups have expressed support for the notice-and-notice system found in both C-60 and C-61.  Others have called for notice-and-takedown, while yet others have hinted (or directly called for) a three-strikes system.

The chart below highlights the 64 organizations and individuals that have participated in the roundtables along with their key messages.

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