Music Groups Gearing Up As Part of Copyright Consultation

With only 24 days left in the copyright consultation, several Canadian music associations and groups are urging their members to become more active in the consultation.  The Canadian Private Copying Collective, which administers the private copying levy, is using a recently launched site to urge rights holders to submit to the consultation a position paper that calls for protection of the levy and its expansion to MP3 players.

Meanwhile, Quebec-based associations such as SPACQ, SODRAC, ARTISTI, and ADISQ (along with SOCAN) sent out a message to their members this week noting the limited French-language participation in the consultation and claiming that most participants are calling for free access online.  The groups urge their members to speak out with a message that calls for a technology neutral law and a greater policing role for ISPs.

As these groups increase their efforts, all the more reason for all Canadians to speak out on copyright during these final 24 days.

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