Canadian Student Groups Speak Out on Copyright

Canada's two major post-secondary student groups have both filed their comments on the copyright consultation. Both focus on many of the same issues. The Canadian Federation of Students' submission is now posted on the consultation website and it calls for:

  • expanded fair dealing
  • rejection of the Internet exception for education (supporting flexible fair dealing instead)
  • rejection of a DMCA-style approach to anti-circumvention
  • adoption of notice-and-notice
  • statutory damages reform with good faith belief that the use qualified as fair dealing outside of statutory damages
  • abolition of crown copyright
  • moral rights inalienable in some circumstances

Meanwhile, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations touches on many of the same issues in its submission, including:

  • expanded fair dealing
  • if anti-circumvention legislation, preserve access for non-infringing purposes
  • digital distance learning without C-61 onerous restrictions
  • digital library loans without C-61 onerous restrictions

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