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Wire Report on Moore’s “Radical Extremist” Comment

The Wire Report covers Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore's "radical extremist" comment reporting that industry insiders advised that they "believe Moore was speaking out of frustration with the effectiveness of the copyright user lobby and that the comments were intended to discredit Geist and his supporters."

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June 30, 2010 11 comments News

Justin Trudeau on Moore’s Radical Extremist Comment

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau responds to Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore on Twitter: "Wow. Apparently I might be a "radical extremist" because I have questions about a gvt bill. I thought that was called 'doing my job.'"

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June 25, 2010 10 comments News
Was There An Attempt to Bury Moore’s “Radical Extremist” Comment?

Was There An Attempt to Bury Moore’s “Radical Extremist” Comment?

Yesterday there was a firestorm of discussion over Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore's speech (which was promoted by his department in advance) in which he labeled critics of Bill C-32 "radical extremists" and urged confrontation against those who argue for fair copyright, which he said is really an attempt to mislead and oppose the bill.  In response there were hundreds of postings on Twitter (including a debate between Moore and Cory Doctorow) along with:

Almost lost amidst the considerable outrage from many people over Moore's comments, was the possibility that there was an attempt to bury the "radical extremist" comment.  The initial video posted by event organizers (the Chamber of Commerce's IP Council) did not include a clip of the reference to radical extremists.  Sun Media ran a story that included the quote but others seemed to act as if it never happened.

After I blogged about the comment, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada tweeted a reference to "@mpjamesmoore's actual remarks" as if the remarks did not include the reference.  The next morning, Barry Sookman blogged on the speech and characterized my post on "radical extremists" as relying upon a second hand source.  While that is true – I relied on Sun Media – both the ESA Canada and Sookman were in the room for the speech and surely heard the comment.

More noteworthy is that Moore himself denied making the comment in direct messages with several people on Twitter who expressed concern about it.  For example, he sent this to one correspondent

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June 24, 2010 161 comments News