Justin Trudeau on Moore’s Radical Extremist Comment

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau responds to Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore on Twitter: "Wow. Apparently I might be a "radical extremist" because I have questions about a gvt bill. I thought that was called 'doing my job.'"


  1. They aren’t “technical” questions are they? You wouldn’t want to be lynched.

  2. How long do we have to wait to make this man the Liberal leader?

  3. Iggy is not a leader, like Stephane Dion

    You’ll wait very long.

    Iggy is not a leader and prefers to govern together with Cons on most issues.

  4. @Name
    Agreed. Iggy is not a leader at all. The Liberal party needs to elect a new leader very soon for all Canadians, so they can save us from the increasing overreach of this Conservative government. Not Bob Rae either, someone different who will have integrity to push forward policies that are important to us all, like opposition to Bill C-32.

  5. I’m not tied to any one party, but yeah I agree Ignatieff is not a leader, he is completely wishy washy. Having the ability to be convinced to change one’s mind is not a necessarily a bad thing when it is for legit reasons, but just doing it on a whim, time after time, has lost him any and all credibility in my books.

  6. i think ignatieff is a closet conservative agonizingly prolonging this minority parliament. What will it take to make it end?

  7. @bonz
    A 10 point increase for the Liberals in the polls.

  8. Canadian Surf says:

    The Right to be Controlled
    I find it funny when Harper stands in the House and spouts about opposing “coalitions” when his “conservatives” are a “coalition” of Reform/Alliance interests that seem to have little to do with “conservatism” as an ideology.

    On CBC today he was referred to as “fiscally conservative”, which is a bit of a joke when one considers the costs incurred for the summit itself, and when one further considers the complete evasion of government officials when it comes to assessing what any of their “tough on crime” Bills will cost to implement. Bills of such pressing import that many of them have been killed twice by proroguing Parliament for political convenience.

    The fact is that the Reform/Alliance government is all about more government, control of information, no transparency, and contempt for the average citizen.

    Time and again it is expressed in comments from ministers such as Moore, but if an election happens the same results will likely happen. A “minority” “conservative” government whose arrogance would be shocking if not so ingrained from the start, dedicated only to their dreams of power and social control, and a people only valued for their submission and tax dollar contributions without any complaints or challenges.

    I’d better stop there, or else some sort of secret police might see fit to whisk me off to some hidden detention center. (I kid…I think…?)

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