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Countering Copyright Misinformation: Canadian Libraries Speak Out Against Ongoing Campaign to Undermine User Rights

Last month, the Canadian Federation of Library Associations released a much-needed statement that sought to counter the ongoing misinformation campaign from copyright lobby groups regarding the state of Canadian copyright and the extensive licensing by libraries and educational institutions. I had no involvement whatsoever with the statement, but was happy to tweet it out and was grateful for the effort to set the record straight on what has been a relentless misinformation campaign that ignores the foundational principles of copyright law. Lobby groups have for years tried to convince the government that 2012 copyright reforms are to blame for the diminished value of the Access Copyright licence that led Canadian educational institutions to seek other alternatives, most notably better licensing options that offer greater flexibility, access to materials, and usage rights. This is false, and when the CFLA dared to call it out, those same groups then expressed their “profound disappointment” in the library association.

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September 11, 2023 4 comments News

The Access Copyright Backlash: Writers Union of Canada Calls for Collective Licensing Reform

Last week’s series of posts on Access Copyright (transactional licensing, economics of the collective, future reforms, all three posts in single PDF), which examined the astonishing lack of transparency behind the copyright collective and the small percentage of revenues that are ultimately distributed to Canadian authors, resulted in a large number of private emails from authors expressing gratitude for the posts and venting enormous frustration. The concerns with Access Copyright broke out into the open this weekend at the Writers’ Union of Canada annual general meeting as the TWUC passed a motion recognizing the lack of control over how licensing revenue is managed and the inability of Access Copyright to represent creator interests. As a result, the TWUC plans to investigate operational separation of creators’ and publishers’ interests in collective licensing. 

The full motion passed at the plenary session of the TWUC AGM states:

RECOGNIZING that collective licensing of copyright is a vital interest of the creator community, but that creators receive an inadequate share of the revenues of Access Copyright and are unable to control how the copyright income raised in their name is managed

And RECOGNIZING that key differences in the copyright interests of publishers and creators will always prevent Access Copyright from fully and effectively representing creators’ copyright interests

MOVED that a solution is an operational separation of creators’ and publishers’ interests in collective licensing, for instance, by the British model of a creator-run distribution collective that controls and distributes the half of collective revenues that belong to creators.

And MOVED that National Council direct an investigation as to how this significant reform of collective licensing in Canada can be brought about at the earliest possible moment.

The motion apparently passed with one abstention and opposition from only three people, all Access Copyright board members.

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May 29, 2011 84 comments News

Writers’ Union of Canada: Flexible Fair Dealing Legalizes Theft

The Charlie Angus fair dealing motion has stirred up considerable anger from the Writers' Union of Canada.  The organization's copyright committee is urging its members to write to their Members of Parliament to protest motion, advising them to use speaking points that include equating flexible fair dealing with theft, claiming […]

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March 24, 2010 74 comments News

New Copyright Consultation Submissions of Note

With two days left, many organizations are posting their final submissions to the copyright consultation online.  Recent postings include: Canadian Association of Media Education Organizations Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences Canadian Federation of Students ACTRA Writers' Guild of Canada

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September 12, 2009 3 comments News

Writers’ Union of Canada Chair on Copyright Reform

In a letter to the editor at the Globe, the Erna Paris rejects fair dealing, saying instead "the government must legislate a win-win system of collective licensing." Update: Note that Ms. Paris has posted a comment in this thread clarifying that the Writers Union does not reject fair dealing as […]

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August 7, 2009 16 comments News