Balanced Meal Review

Accordion Guy provides coverage of last night's Online Rights Canada Balanced Meal event at the Drake Hotel in Toronto (plus yet more coverage of the Bulte story in today's Globe and Mail, a piece that I overlooked in National Post from earlier this week, and don't miss the comments from Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies).  Several other accounts confirm that it was standing room only and that everyone was a bit bemused by the amount of security on hand.  I was not there, so in light of recent comments it remains unclear to me whether they were there to protect those in the cafe or those at the fundraiser.

Update: IT Business reports on the Balanced Meal event and Antonio Zerbisias has an interesting piece on blogs and the election that references the Bulte story.  Meanwhile, Bulte's "user zealot" remark has led one reader to generate "pro-user zealot" bumper stickers!


  1. $$$$$$$$
    The only meal I see being served is Ms. Bulte
    suckling at the teat of Big Music.

  2. Given that US attorney general Elliot Spitzer has
    already fined US music corporations to the tune
    of $10 million for illegal payola scams to radio
    stations in 2005, and that Sony BMG is currently
    involved in lawsuits for distributing illegal DRM
    spyware on their music CDs damaging and
    intruding their customers expensive computers,
    it would seem to me that Canadians need MPs
    to protect them from these illegal acts.

    That Copps , Frulla, and Bulte in particular endorse
    or take money from these same corporate interests
    will not help Canadian artists in any way. (Who by the
    way have not seen any of the millions colllected in
    the name of the copyright levy scam)

  3. Steve Stinson says:

    Bulte had an op-ed piece in the Toronto Star today (Sunday). Unfortunately I cannot find a link. It is totally self-serving, setting up a straw man that users are against copyright reform and paying creators for their works. I suspect one of her friends in big media actually wrote it and she simply signed her name to it.