The Ottawa Citizen on CRIA’s Poll

While many may have missed it, the Ottawa Citizen ran a masthead editorial on January 2nd assessing CRIA's poll on copyright and the election.  I argued that the poll was primarily noteworthy for the questions that it didn't ask.  Apparently, the Citizen agreed.  It starts the editorial by warning "beware interest groups bearing poll results, especially at election time" and proceeds to express concerns about the potential that the industry might seek immunity from liability brought on by cases such as the Sony Rootkit.  The paper's conclusion?

"Without the context of what measures the government might consider, the simple idea of protecting music from unauthorized copying is politically meaningless. Everyone's in favour of gold-plated health care, safe streets, and good jobs at good wages, too – the important debates are over how to get them. Until the record labels ask a series of poll questions about the means by which their simple ends might be achieved, we shouldn't take their surveys too seriously."

One Comment

  1. This ain’t over yet…
    Apparently Sony-BMG can protect their interests entirely at the expense of everyone else…