Sweden Considers Legalizing P2P File Sharing

Sweden's Justice Minister has said that the country is open to legalizing P2P file sharing.  The Minister raised the prospect of reversing the current ban, noting that the law has not reduced file sharing and that it could be replaced with a compensatory levy.


  1. anonymousone says:

    C’mon, let’s be realistic. Much milder legislation has folded under American pressure (France). We saw that the US entertainment industry has the Swedish politicians and *police* effectively under its thumb. I can’t imagine the resources they will conjure to prevent legalisation of file sharing in any developed country.

    If such a law were to be passed I would strongly consider moving to Sweden, not because of the legality of file sharing, but for faith in the government to work in the best interests of the people in spite of tremendous pressure from US policy laundering and from powerful corporate interests. We all need a government we can count on to represent *us*.

  2. You may be suprised
    No, we have seen that they had a very specific minister under their thumb. On the other hand , considering the public backlash and the very real possibility of charges being laid against said minister (it is illegal in Sweden for someone in that position to attempt to exert direct control over official bodies like the police), I would be surprised if anyone was willing to stick their necks out too far for any American companies right now. Especially considering their elections are in less than three months at this point.

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