Oh, Bev Oda

Bev Oda gets the YouTube treatment along with media coverage of the video (hat tip: Digital Copyright Canada).

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  1. Basil Berntsen says:

    According to the media link, the person who uploaded the youtube video also uploaded one advocating Dion for the liberal leadership- any chance it’s a party staffer for the libs? This wouldn’t be the first time that political parties have tried to get something on the internet that couldn’t be linked back to them.

  2. Russel McOrmond says:

    If it is a staffer..
    If it is a Liberal staffer, I would like to find out who – the Liberals are still generally stuck in the 1980’s on copyright and other technology law. Someone who knows what YouTube and user generated content is could be a great asset in modernizing the party. It just might stop the Liberals from attacking our right to own and control modern communications technology.

    [ link ]

    The impression I have been getting is that the Conservatives are contemplating attacking our rights because the Americans told us to do it, but the Liberals and Bloc seem to want to do it because they mistakenly believe it would be good for Canadian creators.