Bev Oda’s Wild Ride

Those who track Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda's regular missteps will recall that last fall she planned to hold a fundraiser hosted by a lobbyist for Canwest.  When this conflict of interest was raised in the House of Commons, she responded that "I have observed every rule existing right now." Hours later, the fundraiser was cancelled.  Fast forward to yesterday, when Liberal MP Brian Michael Savage asked questions about Oda's use of limos at last year's Juno Awards in Halifax.  It turns out that as Oda was moving between events (including her private lunch with CRIA and the foreign-owned record companies), Oda and her staff ran up $5,500 in limousine bills, ordering several cars each day with some idling for seven hours at a time.  On the day of the Junos, Oda had three limos on stand-by at all times.  All of this in a city where virtually everything is accessible on foot.  Oda subsequently paid back $2,200 of the bill, but Canadian taxpayers are still left on the hook for thousands of dollars.

Oda's response to this latest embarrassment?  "In carrying out my ministerial duties I followed all the guidelines appropriately."  Not surprisingly, before she could say anything further, Government House Leader Peter Van Loon jumped in and assured the House that "we are proud to stand up and support Canadian arts and culture in every way we can and the minister has done an excellent job of doing that, at the same time following all the rules in place by Treasury Board in doing so."


  1. Dwight Williams says:

    Newspaper Attention Levels
    Interesting to have that additional context to explain some of what I saw in the newspapers this morning. Lack of necessary details tends to deflect attention from where it really ought to be, doesn’t it?

  2. Ahhh, another mini-scandal from the Oda front. I hope that Oda’s buddies at the non-Canadian record companies were able to make use of the limos. I’d hate to see those amazing non-Canadian record company jackals having to walk to private lunches with Oda. Oda and Van Loon are really looking like Liberals.

  3. It’s Mr. Michael Savage (Dartmouth—Cole Harbour, Lib.), not Brian Savage. I think it’s pretty clear we’re dealing with a hockey fan…

  4. says:

    Better Brian Savage the hockey player than Herschel Savage! =o)

  5. Lawyer
    Ha ha