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Lefsetz on Declining CD Sales

Bob Lefsetz with seven reasons for the decline in CD sales and what can be done about it.


  1. My only problem
    My only problem with the new reality is with regards to the CD.

    I like to buy entire CD\’s because I generally like most of the music on it. Do I listen directly to the CD? No. I\’ll rip it to Flac (a lossless format) and MP3/OGG. And yet I hate the idea of not owning the CD, because files on my computer seem so temporary. If my harddrive died I don\’t want to lose all my music! I think at 25 I\’m already a has-been who doesn\’t want to give up my CD\’s, hehe.

  2. Give it up
    I’ll gladly say ‘good riddance’ to CDs.

    If you worry about losing files off your hard drive, you should be making backups.

  3. hello
    so can i know about the cd sales of uhhh
    cause like im doign a project on them
    and i need to knwo the cd sales lol