More Olympic Word Ownership

I have covered Bill C-47, the Olympic Corporate Sponsor Protection Act, in several postings (here and here).  The Vancouver Sun has fascinating article that demonstrates how C-47 is really just the tip of the iceberg.  It uncovered the list of official marks controlled by the various Canadian Olympic committees.  The list, which some IP lawyers argue represents a misuse of Section 9 of the Trademark Act, includes:

  • See You in Vancouver
  • See You in Whistler
  • See You in Beijing
  • Let the Dreams Begin
  • Friend
  • Sea To Sky
  • Top
  • 2010
  • '10
  • We're Next
  • Road to Beijing
  • Driven by Nature
  • Road to Vancouver
  • Road to Whistler
  • Driven by Dreams
  • Celebrate the Impossible
  • Vancouver '10
  • Vancouver 2-10
  • Vancouver 2'10
  • Gold Medal
  • Game Plan
  • 2000
  • 2002
  • '00
  • '02
  • Host Country
  • Bid Booster
  • Bid Champion
  • Beijing and Beyond
  • I'm Backing the Bid
  • It's Our Time To Shine
  • For The Fire Within

Update: The Vancouver Sun adds an article today on Bill C-47 and publishes an editorial on Vanoc's overkill.

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