Liberals Try To Resuscitate Big Brother Plan for the Internet

My weekly Law Bytes column (Ottawa Citizen version, homepage version) covers the Liberals' introduction of C-416, the return of lawful access legislation.  I note that while  the bill is unlikely to pass – opposition private members bills rarely become law and the current Parliamentary session is likely to end before the bill makes much headway – the decision to reintroduce the failed and controversial legislation raises questions about when increased surveillance became a policy position worth promoting.

One Comment

  1. Cliff Dawe says:

    I protest Bill C-416 or any other Bill that would allow police or any other agency to look inside my private email or any other activities I may or may not partake in without a warraant! It is a matter of privacy rights and my rights as a citizen! I protest the taking away of any rights at this point in time especially with the NWO and Offshore Bankers who are members of the Bilderberg Group causing so much Treason and Tyranny in the States right now! I do not want them to think that we are a push over here in Canada either! I take it this is what a Liberal Bill or a Conservative Bill? Either way it equals to the same thing inch by inch one more right that is trying to be taken away from Canadian citizens!