YouTube Pulls Vimy Video

CTV's David Akin reports that YouTube has pulled a 30 second video he shot himself at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial.


  1. Darryl Moore says:

    Accountability? Naaaa
    Yup, and this video is blocked too. By the same 3rd party no less. [ link ]

    It differs from David’s by a single character ending in a ‘9’ rather than an ‘8’. Coincidence? I think not! Isn’t it nice that in America corporations can make these kinds of careless mistakes with absolutely not need to be accountable.

    (I tried posting this comment to his blog first, but he requires registration which I generally tend to avoid. So it’s here instead)

  2. D Robinson says:

    H&H are from Utah… of the mlm’s, SCOX etc.
    Sounds like a barritry case to me.