BBC Makes Most of Its Shows Available Online

The BBC has launched its iPlayer service, which allows UK users to view virtually all the broadcasters shows online at no cost for up to one month.


  1. What's In a Name? says:

    You mean “allows UK *Windows* users to watch Microsoft’s DRM encrusted video” (not being able to watch it on your IPod, or nearly every home media player or portable media player is just a taste of the limitations/restrictions.)

  2. CBC providing TV content
    CBC has started dipping it’s toe in this type of thing as well. Doctor Who (which ironcially is a BBC show) has it’s full Series 3 episodes posted on the CBC site after it has been aired on the CBC network.

    While it’s streaming, it is an interesting experiment on viewing a show online after it’s been aired. I think this is a really good idea and hope CBC explores this futher.

    Now being a Mac user, they need to stay away from the “microsoft” lock and make sure that it’s viewable by all platforms.

  3. More CBC content
    CBC are also streaming full episodes of The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend after it airs… Flash player, so it should be good to go on most platforms (except the iPhone)…