Ottawa Citizen on Wireless in Canada

Following on the Montreal Gazette editorial, the Ottawa Citizen has published a lead editorial lamenting high prices and lack of competition.  The editorial is supportive of the new complaints commission, but concludes that "there's a long way to go."


  1. Only $100?
    The article states: \”…a comparable service package to the one offered by AT&T for $60 U.S. a month would cost nearly $100 in Canada.\”

    I\’d like to see their numbers supporting a $100 bill. I just had a $87 charge on my bill for 2.3 MB of data.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Enough whining. Maybe you need to learn how to shop.

    TELUS has a plan (see: [ link ] gives 250MB for $100. I can think of lots of products that charge different prices at different levels of consumption.

    Also, hotels charge what they can for rooms. Usually a lower price can be had, just by asking.

  3. Why is it that in Mexico, there is no charge for incoming cell calls and free text messaging? Why is it that a Spanish company, ‘Movie Star’, can operate in this highly regulated and competitive marketplace programs that provide a $40.00 cell phone (Nokia/Motorola), who immediatly upon connection provide you with a $50.00 credit and charge 00.11 cents for a 30 minute call to anywhere in the US or Canada?