CRTC Issues RFP for DNCL

As expected, the CRTC has issued an RFP for an organization to manage the national do-not-call registry.

One Comment

  1. Cliff Dawe of Little Big Band
    I hate restrictions on my freedoms and love the Internet as a window to the world!

    Why would someone like me want a dinosaur organization like the CRTC regulating what and where I can transact or observe on the net and what percentage of it I can consume?

    Help me tell the CRTC to keep it’s nose out of the Internet as no one who is paying for Internet sevice wants the CRTC regulating what we can upload, download, see or not see!
    Last I knew of my rights as a Canadian, I still have the right to freedom of speech and the right to listen to someone elses speech whether he or she is Canadian or not!
    Please no CRTC regulation for me!
    Cliff Dawe