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UK Government Rejects Music Copyright Term Extension

Reuters is reporting that the UK government has rejected pressure from the music industry to extend the term of copyright associated with sound recordings. 


  1. Vincent Clement says:

    So despite not having a long monopoly (aka copyright) on music, the UK remains a “world-beating source of great music” according to the head of the IFPI. That seems to fly in the face of needing a longer copyright terms.

  2. Of course, it would be totally wrong to extend copyright. When they made the copyrighted work, they knew the rules. For them now to ask that the rules be changed retroactively is wrong.

    For them to complain they don\’t have pensions and need the royalties is wrong. They knew the royalties would run out. They know they need a pension. For them to lobby the government to make up for their lack of forward planning just shows how utterly stupid these musicians are.