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  1. Inequity in education
    Dontcha love a premier who is a product of the publicly funded Catholic school system making statements of pride in our schools “filled with kids of different religions” (except, of course, for the ones I went to, or the ones my kids go to, or the one my wife teaches at). It’s ok to fund Catholic private schools, but not any other religion.

    Why? Because the premier believes segregation is only ok if you are a Catholic.

    That kind of inequity is what makes Ontario, Ontario. It is time for a change

  2. Mark Francis says:

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    Gutsy using Dalton’s name like that.

    Yeah, there’s been a lot not delivered, but the PC Party promised us balanced budgets, even claimed last election that we could get $ 800 million in more tax cuts. They were lying of course, and we ended up with a huge $ 5.6 billion deficit the Liberals had to clear up.

    No wonder they didn’t deliver on so many things.

    In the Harris days, Harris never stopped criticizing and blaming the other parties for Ontario’s debt woes. Dalton should be a little more firm in reminding people of the mess that had to be cleaned up.

    As for the NDP… they haven’t released a platform this election. They’re announcing plans to close coal plants without a clear costed policy to replace them, to “upload the downloads” from Toronto, to freeze post-secondary tuition, increase education spending, increase health care spending… where’s all this mystery money going to come from?

    Which is why there’s no platform. They want all these promises to go down the memory hole should they have any power in the next government.

    Of course when the NDP actually had power they broke tons of promises as well… whatever happened to that public auto insurance system they promised so loudly just before they got into power…