Public Safety To Release Lawful Access Consultation

The mainstream media has picked up on the lawful access non-consultation story with coverage on CTV, Canwest, and  CTV has now posted a copy of the consultation document, but reports indicate that Public Security has had a change of heart and will now post it online and extend the comment period.

Update: Consultation now online with a new submission deadline of October 12, 2007. 


  1. The link to the pdf doesn’t seem to be working …

  2. Wow! I just read about this issue in a news story. I am flabergasted.
    How can we help? Any info is helpful.
    We may have to rename that political party…..I dunno, does Republican work for you?

  3. Did the US just annex us?!?

  4. Mark McCutcheon says:

    Bad as this is (and make no mistake, it is), this marks at least the 3rd time Canadian governments have tried to make US-style “lawful access” part of Canadian law. There was an admittedly more public consultation in 2002, after which the proposed legislation was dropped following overwhelmingly negative response. Irwin Cotler reintroduced it in late 2005, but it died on the order paper. It was only a matter of time ’til “Canada’s New Government” reintroduced it.