ADISQ Seeks Internet Canadian Content Requirements

ADISQ, which promotes the Quebec recording industry, raised two noteworthy issues in a French-language article earlier this week (Google's translation).  First, it opposes lawsuits against individual file sharers.  Instead, it supports actions against Torrent trackers and similar sites. 

Second, it would like the CRTC to require ISPs to prioritize Canadian content, noting that if ISPs prioritize content for commercial purposes (ie. non-net neutrality) then they can be required to do something similar to advance Canadian culture. ADISQ is not alone on this one – a growing number of cultural groups want the CRTC to re-examine the new media exception and to consider rules that bring cancon-like requirements to the Internet.  If this continues, the anti-net neutrality forces in Canada will include the ISPs, U.S. content owners (who want ISPs to filter allegedly infringing content), and some Canadian content owners (who want ISPs to prioritize Canadian content).

Update: It's not just ADISQ – the Montreal Gazette reports that 18 cultural groups, most Quebec-based, are behind this initiative for more proactive Internet-based regulation.

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