A Penny for Your Thoughts

Howard Knopf assesses the legal battle over the City of Toronto's use of the penny in an advertising campaign.

One Comment

  1. Stupid
    I\’m appalled that this sort of Americanized corporate copyright bullhockey has made its way into Canada, and from a crown corporation, no less.

    There are three issues here:

    1. How can you possibly copyright what is a proper noun used so frequently that it warrants being an improper one?

    2. Crown corporations (basically, government) can own copyrights? Something is *seriously* wrong with that notion; it needs to be addressed and reformed.

    3. Arguably, the government is using copyright as a cloak to suppress Torontonians\’ political freedom of speech. This is wrong on so many levels, from that government should *never* be able to assert copyright, to that they are lying about their true motives and that free speech is being oppressed (I hope I don\’t have to tell anyone what is wrong with that). I\’m disgusted that this is even able to occur in a democracy such as ours.