Industry Canada Launches Public Consultation on PIPEDA Reforms

The government's response to the PIPEDA review included a promise to consult on possible reforms to the law, including the creation of a mandatory data breach notification requirement.  On Friday, Industry Canada published the promised consultation in the Canada Gazette, asking Canadians for comments on the data breach requirement along with a series of smaller changes to Canada's national privacy law.  For those that don't have PIPEDA consultation fatigue – this is effectively the third consultation on these issues in the past 18 months (the Privacy Commissioner consultation, the Ethics Committee hearings, and now the Industry Canada consultation) – the deadline for responses is January 15, 2008.

One Comment

  1. Concerned citizen says:

    It is about time the government stepped in and began forcing “all” organizations to assist the innocent public with mandatory notification. They must be made to take responsibility for their errors. Of course, notification is now insufficient without some kind of credit monitoring offer as well.