CRIA Says No Content Blocking Demands in Forthcoming Bill

CRIA tells the Globe and Mail that it is not seeking copyright provisions "related to content filtering or termination of repeat offenders."


  1. And if you believe that…
    I have a bridge on some nice ocean-side property in the florida keys I’d love to sell you.

    But really… call me a skeptic, but I have a hard time putting any kind of credibility to the CRIA name.

  2. The CRIA represents, in Canada, the same companies as the RIAA in the US, does it not? If that’s the case, why would those organizations behave any differently in Canada than they do in the US if our laws gave them the same, if not more, legal powers?

  3. Re: And if you believe that…
    RE:Written by Xetheriel on 2008-01-25 11:01:39
    “I have a bridge on some nice ocean-side property in the Florida keys I’d love to sell you.”

    The purpose of this post is? The intent seems to bribe Mr. Geist, although the offer I’m sure is valid, what is it’s intent. By the statement above I will assume that you are a proponent of the RIAA, can I ask you something? Do you find it strange that your American legislation actually forbids your own media to cover current released movies? Essentially you would have to copy a portion to divulge content? This traditionally is called advertising. Although I do not know Mr. Geist personally, but your unethical offer should validate the fact that your private industry is corrupt. How can you allow your music to be offered, if you do not show anything. You can not expect something for nothing, it is illogical to even approach this ideal. The avant of the internet will show the RIAA something, that your own population has a voice, and they want you to hear it. Myself due to the lack of tasteful interesting content that the media was offering, chose the lighter side of self indulgence, by singing, and learning to play an instrument. Do you think that is interesting? I have no major record label, no intent on seeking one, and will continue as a free citizen to record myself. Call it self infatuation if you will, but it sure is a fun way to pass the time, and it sounds good to hear it again at a later time.

  4. Again?
    Looks like more of the BS line, “we do none these horrible things that we shouldn’t be doing anyway and we get no credit!”