Vancouver Sun Warns Against Unfair Copyright

The Vancouver Sun has an exceptional masthead editorial today on the Canadian copyright reform process.  The paper is clearly concerned with the prospect of a Canadian DMCA and reforms that stifle rather than enable.  The paper notes:

The good news is that a revised copyright law is expected to be tabled in the House of Commons any day now. The bad news is that many fear it will make matters even worse. Indeed, a chorus of concern delayed its debut in December with 40,000 people joining a group on Facebook to oppose the legislation.

They are right to be worried.

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  1. Copyright is only infringed if the owner doesn’t give permission, right? If so then why can’t Telus do just that? That way they won’t have a problem with their new plans.

  2. Interesting comment from Telus, given [ link ]

  3. I would imagine Telus can’t do that because they aren’t the owners of the shows

  4. What do people think about Apple’s plans to get into movie rental downloads? Is this just a way to get a DMCA-type thing into contracts, by getting people to agree upfront to limits on use?

  5. If Telus doesn’t own the shows, maybe they’ve no right to be offering them in that way? And if the owners are OK with it, they can give consent. Point is that plenty of people are alright with their work being used (profs waive copyright all the time) so this doesn’t seem to difficult. I dont see why we need to shape laws to help Telus make more money.

  6. R. Bassett Jr. says:

    “I dont see why we need to shape laws to help _________ make more money.”

    That is a great sentence, unless one puts “the poor” or “the middle class” in the blank, but no one thinks about them any more, so no need to worry about that dispicable use of the law ever occuring.

    *eats another spoonful of dirt soup, with the shit end of the spoon*

    “Disposable income? What the hell is that?” will certainly become a more common sentiment in our society after these laws are in place…