Facing Up To Facebook: The Fight For Fair Copyright in Canada

Last week, I had the pleasure of delivering a talk at Osgoode Hall titled Facing Up to Facebook: The Fight for Fair Copyright in Canada.  The abstract of the talk was:

In December 2007, the Canadian government planned to introduce new copyright legislation that was to have mirrored the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A Facebook group was formed to advocate against such reforms and for balanced copyright laws. Within weeks, nearly 40,000 Canadians joined the group, with members writing and calling their elected representatives, educating their local communities, and staging public protests. In the face of this opposition, the Canadian government delayed introducing the legislation. The “Canadian copy-fight” attracted considerable attention from the mainstream media, with many wondering how copyright had emerged as a contentious policy issue. This talk will assess the Canadian experience in an effort to answer the oft-asked question – “why copyright?”.

A video of the talk has been posted online (WMV format).


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  2. How to view with firefox
    As many will find out, the mms protocol is not supported by firefox, and so the link to the video won’t work. A simple way to get it is to paste directly the url mms:// in a media player like VLC. For VLC, clic on File, then “open network stream”,then choose “http/https/ftp/mms” and enter the above url.

  3. Osgoode IT
    Forefox should launch an “external protocol request”. If it doesn’t for you, please try switching the mms:// portion of the link to rtsp://
    We are going to upload a non WM version of this talk as well.

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