B.C. Unveils E-Health Privacy Bill

British Columbia has become the first province in Canada to create a specific legislative framework governing access and privacy for electronic health information databases.

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  1. Not really about privacy
    This is not exactly a bill to protect health records. It’s more of a bill to enable the creations of a province-wide health records database. The province has thus far demonstrated little interest in genuine, patient-controlled privacy protection for the system.

  2. Patrick - privacy guy says:

    Bill 24
    Hi folks,

    I’m a bit confused. Having read through Bill 24, it seems that it would only apply to public sector EHR’s in BC (referencing FIPPA only).

    However, BC privcom David Loukidelis’ letter to the Minister of Health seems to suggest that it “supplements” both FIPPA and PIPA.

    Can someone clarify for me?

    Many thanks,