CRTC Considers Dropping Mandatory Telecom Disclosures

While concern over the lack of transparency associated with Internet and telecom services has been mounting, the CRTC has just launched a public consultation on the prospect of eliminating mandatory disclosures, relying instead on market forces.  The outcome of this consultation could lead to dramatic changes in what the telcom companies are required to disclose to consumers.  Those interested in participating in this consultation need to inform the Commission by June 30th and file their comments by July 7th.


  1. This is a short notice, isn’t it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like another move by the conservatives to make us more like America. With all the articles I read, the more it feels like the conservatives are the republican party of Canada. They always seem to take the whim of America over the needs of it’s electorate body.

    I just can’t wait to vote the liberals in, for as much as they did wrong, well I think there is more with the conservatives. The liberals just got caught, at least they’re corruption was with other Canadians, not foreign interest.

    Alas, Dismay I can’t wait to vote the conservatives out.

    Much Dismay to the state of govt these days. btw this is all opinion so please don’t sue me.

  3. oust the tories
    I am teaching my 18yr old daughter how to write to her MP and the PM about ACTA. We discuss the ramifications of ACTA and she is hopping mad. Tonight I will get together some info for her and have her send it to her voting age (and soon to be voting age) friends through MSN.
    Mike – thanks for the info on how to write parliment. I am going to rally all the 18-20 somethings I can through my kids to write the goverment – and it’s free!!


    What we need are a liberal govt that will repeal these laws but i think that by there sitting off votes that there real message is …we only midly disagree and thats why they wont defeat them.
    If they think there isn’t enough to defeat them then they are on mars, even the last poll gave the liberals the govt , yes another minority but at least one where the NDP who seems ot be the ONLY voice besides the bloc of reason.

    Never thought i would say the BLOC is actualy doing something for canada but hey htey are voting against crap legislation

    as i said in the riding im in to defeat a conservative ill be voting liberal

    if i lived in my home town of oshawa i would instead vote NDP

    this is what we all must do and teach the conservatives a lesson about who exactly they represent when they are the GOVERNMENT of CANADA, and not just the


  5. POLL MONDAY says:

    LIBERAL Minority
    Harris Decima poll out on monday shows the conservatives are continuing to lose support YA FIGURE?

    The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey compared attitudes toward the Tories and Liberals in a head-to-head, two-party format. The telephone poll of just over 1,000 Canadians found that 44 per cent of respondents said they’d prefer a Liberal government after the next election, compared with 37 per cent who preferred the Conservatives.

    This however is slightly odd as i cant find the poll they talk about at
    interesting as i would gather harpers tabling of the DMCA for canada will DESTROY those numbers and what little support he has left.
    [ link ]

  6. Market Forces
    Because everyone knows that “market forces” work best when consumers are ill-informed (read lied to by monopolies).