D’Agostino on C-61

Osgoode Hall law professor Pina D'Agostino has published an op-ed in the Toronto Star that tries to make the case that creators have been lost in the copyright reform mix.

Update: Howard Knopf provides his take on the column. 

One Comment

  1. Felice D'Agostino says:

    Fallaces et inefficaces
    Cara Giuseppina,
    as a consumer I do not welcome this bill at all. Consumers are mainly interested in bypassing digital locks for non-infringing purposes which this bill do not allowed at all hence consumers do not receive any benefit from it (where is the balance?). Furthermore the ability to format shifting analog media into digital is quite useless these days.
    You also state that “we must ensure that our copyright law is clear, balanced and has foresight and flexibility for the longer term for all Canadians”. I fully agree but unfortunately that is exactly what this bill is not about.