The Canadian Copyfight 2.0

Last week, I delivered a talk to the Toronto Fair Copyright for Canada chapter that chronicled the Canadian copyfight and stressed how important it is for Canadians to speak out now on the Canadian DMCA.  Audio and slides of that talk have been posted on and embedded below.  A video version of the talk can be accessed  at MDialog or at Google Video.


  1. Duncan Murdoch says:

    Great presentation
    Great presentation, thanks for posting it. The version was much better quality than the video, but it only included your main talk: it’s worth watching the start and end of the video for the introductory remarks and the question and answer period.

  2. Let's party hard says:

    They Haven’t Waited for DMCA!
    Let’s party hard! Here is another Canadian Copyfight 2.0 remix of Prentice, this time with Michael Geist.

    They Haven’t Waited for DMCA (Michael Geist vs Jim Prentice)
    by “Innovation Despite Copyright”

    Download here:

    [ link ] (this is Download Page)
    [ link ] (this is Download Page)

    In this clip, Michael Geist debunks a common copyright myth that one must engage in strong copyright to foster creativity, innovation and investment. The reality is that there is a lot of creative activity, innovation and investment, in Canada, right now. One can argue that many new business models exist DESPITE the negative effect of copyright and that strong copyright reduces certainty and hinders innovation. Starring: Michael Geist (professor, blogger, columnist), Jim Prentice (Minister of Industry, Conservative), David Berlind (ZDNET), Charlie Angus (NDP), Bill Siksay (NDP), Safwan Javed (Wide Mouth Mason band). Based on “Ethereal interlude” by zero-project (Greece). Cover picture original by Michael Geist. Licensed to the public under Creative Commons Attribution License.