MacKay Hears About Copyright

Defense Minister Peter MacKay used his monthly column in The News to discuss Bill C-61.  MacKay notes that copyright was a topic of discussion over the Canada Day weekend and then proceeds to offer the standard Conservative talking points on the bill.


  1. Abattoir says:

    MacKay’s comments
    First, he is mistaken or misleading about webcasts. The bill specifically excludes anything transmitted over the internet, unless it is simultaneously communicated via television or radio.

    Second, again we hear the $500 limit being trotted out, without mentioning of the now lawsuit-friendly $20,000 statutory damages for circumvention of TMs.

    When Conservative MPs bring out these talking points, are they lying, or have they just not read the bill?

  2. They are just not telling all the truth which I guess is a form of lie.

  3. Fines != Damages
    As usual we get the “it’s good for us” without even addressing any of the concerns about the bill – wow, it might actually take a brain to think critically and not parrot Prentice.

    What I don’t get is how he uses the word “fines” when Prentice keeps harping “statutory damages” – can’t the Conservative Party get their own propaganda right?

  4. Bill C-61 and Calgary SW riding
    It’s sad to see that few discussions are carried outside the blogs (like in main stream media), and nothing is discussed in places like Calgary SW (Harper’s riding!) – I know, I live here, I talk with friends and neighbors.
    I wonder, how would be that Harper loose his seat over this? Hmm… If his electors only knew about C-61 bads.