Groups Call for ACTA Transparency

More than 100 groups have issued a public letter calling on the U.S., Canada, and other ACTA-negotiating countries to immediately publish the draft text of the agreement.  I agreed to serve as the Canadian contact on the release.


  1. Hackin ACTA
    Your only going to see what us hackers wish you to see.

  2. acta
    you’re the local rep…
    both techdirt and EFF are raising cain about it..
    you’ve dumbed down to what, single issue responses?

    make waves, mr. g. make some waves.

  3. C-61
    Just caught a /. posting on this today and had a thought. If this really is something that “could include an agreement for the US, Canada, the European Commission and other nations to enforce each others’ IP laws, with residents of each country subject to criminal charges when violating the IP laws of another country”, wouldn’t that be an effective means of getting a Canadian DMCA without actually getting one? Kind of largely side steps that whole parliamentary process doesn’t it?