Conservatives Promise Anti-Spam Legislation

After sitting on the issue for two and a half years in government, the Conservatives today promised to introduce anti-spam legislation along the lines of that recommended by the National Anti-Spam Task Force in 2004.  As a member of that task force, this is welcome news, though it is difficult to understand why they failed to address the issue during their last mandate.  Further, today's plan includes a ban on spam text messages but says nothing about net neutrality or wireless consumer contracts and the party remains silent on its most significant incursion into consumer rights – Bill C-61 and the anti-circumvention provisions that would have created enormous harm to millions of Canadian consumers.


  1. Conservative and anti-spam is pretty much an oxymoron.

    How effective would these people be at writing an anti-spam legisislation when many (if not most) don’t even know how to use a computer? Just look at C-61 as an example of them trying to make law on a subject they know nothing about!

    Conservatives, stick to what you know, Bibles and guns. Let the people decide the best course for other things.

  2. Don’t worry, I’m sure it will include an exception for the Conservative Party of Canada to spam you with your tax dollars much like they did with the attack flyers sent “courtesy” of Conservative MP’s but really the Canadian taxpayer.

    Again, the lack of any mention of C-61 scares the hell out of me if they get a majority. It’s well accepted that C-61 was a complete failure. It needs some extreme overhauls if it is to become an acceptable copyright reform solution.